Safe Communities

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Illinois House Republicans are Fighting for Safe Communities

Illinois has experienced an unacceptable rise in violent crime. Carjackings, shootings, and other senseless acts of violence have Illinois residents living in fear of criminals. All the while, law-abiding citizens are denied access to FOID cards through endless delays and our law enforcement officers are not receiving the support and resources they need and deserve.     

Every Illinois family deserves a neighborhood free of violence. Our initiatives will implement reforms to make sure public safety officials are prepared for their positions and help recruit and retain the best and the brightest in law enforcement. House Republicans have introduced a full repeal of the SAFE-T Act, improvements to the FOID application process, the reinstatement of cash bail for violent crimes, and bills aimed at organized crime and theft rings.

Back the Badge

Law enforcement jobs require our best and brightest citizens to apply in order for our citizens to be protected. We need to implement a program to recruit and retain the best officers we can put on the streets.

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Reform FOID

Licensed gun owners have seen countless delays on their FOID applications and renewals, caused by bureaucratic red tape and inefficiency. Responsible gun owners shouldn’t be left waiting at the mercy of a flawed system while criminals continue to flout the law.

Create Real Safety

In 2021, Democrats rushed through legislation that defunds police and harms our criminal justice system. Now crime is skyrocketing. We need to repeal the SAFE-T Act and implement laws to deter criminals, not reward them.

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Bring Back Bail

Ending cash bail is among the most irresponsible elements of the SAFE-T Act passed by Democrats. House Republicans will reinstate cash bail for violent criminals to keep them from being right back on the street the same day of their crime.

Hold Gangs Accountable

Carjackings, organized retail thefts and shootings come with the gang culture that has flourished under Democrat control. We must hold gang members accountable, prosecute organized crime, and stop the recruitment of our kids into these criminal organizations.

Get Involved

A government works best when it values citizen input.
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