Imagine an Illinois with real fiscal leadership

Responsible Fiscal Leadership

It seems that politicians often forget that the money they are spending comes from hard working Illinois families. Decades of reckless spending and borrowing has created record debt. Failures to address inefficiencies in government agencies has led to overblown budgets and at the same time reductions in services. More spending means higher taxes for everyone.  

Our proposed legislation will keep Illinois residents top of mind when it comes to balancing the budget, opening up the budget process to all, taking on pension reform and tackling government inefficiencies.  

Let’s reimagine Illinois together!

Require all budgets to balance

Years of unbalanced budgets and wasted spending have left Illinois with the worst budget in the nation. It’s time to end the decades of reckless behavior by only spending on things we can afford.

Mandate transparency in budgeting

One of the causes of Illinois’ fiscal chaos is the lack of transparency in the budgeting process. All appropriations bills should be thoroughly vetted in both chambers with a mandatory time for public comment.

Save our pension systems

The pension crisis continues to grow, crowding out essential services and hurting state finances. Reform is necessary for Illinois to solve its fiscal problems and for local governments to reduce their property taxes.

Tackle government inefficiency

Illinois leads the nation in units of government that hike tax bills and add layers of bureaucracy. Consolidation and elimination of unnecessary layers of government will save money, lower property tax bills and create a better experience for people in need of government services.

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Have All Voted Who Wish · Responsible Fiscal Leadership