Imagine an Illinois without corruption

Ending the Culture of Corruption

For far too long Illinoisans have been paying the high price of corruption. Corruption decreases economic growth and discourages investment in our state. Misuse of funds and the misallocation of resources benefits a few at the expense of everyone else resulting in fewer dollars for education, veterans, seniors and other vital services. Ultimately it costs taxpayers plenty in rising property and income taxes. And worse, it erodes public trust in elected officials.

We want to pass legislation that ends the culture of corruption in Illinois by eliminating conflicts of interests, removing partisan politics from drawing legislative boundaries and giving citizens more control of their government.  

Let’s reimagine Illinois together!  

Expose and eliminate conflicts of interest

Conflict of interest and economic disclosure statements give citizens the ability to hold lawmakers accountable. Illinois should adopt a model of disclosure that will expose conflicts and help end the culture of corruption.

Ban General Assembly members from lobbying

Allowing General Assembly members to also be government consultants and lobbyists has created dysfunction. An outright lobbying ban for General Assembly members will stop the practice immediately and start cleaning up government.

Re-balance the power structure

For decades, only Mike Madigan was able to decide if a bill would be called for a vote, with disastrous results for Illinois. The legislative process needs reform to allow every legislator to get an up or down vote on their bills.

Empower citizens to act

Illinois citizens are fed up with state government and need to be able to take control of their government when it is led by corruption. Allowing citizens to easily introduce amendments to the constitution will give them control in their government

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