Economic Freedom and Opportunity

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Illinois House Republicans are Fighting for Opportunities for our Families

We’ve seen the stats, people are leaving the state of Illinois in large numbers. Some because of rising taxes and others because of falling job opportunities. We want to institute policies that recognize a well-trained workforce equals job growth, making life affordable again is essential to the well-being of families and allowing job creators to grow means more opportunities for all. 

Encourage Investment Across Illinois

When we recognize and use all of the state’s strengths we can create jobs across Illinois.  Our available infrastructure combined with sound economic policies can once again make Illinois the leader in job creation. 

Establish an Apprenticeship Education Program

The foundation of a strong economy starts with its workforce.  Illinois needs to be a leader in making sure our workforce has the skills needed to compete in our ever-changing economy. 

Eliminate Overregulation and Mandates

Job creators need a chance to grow and the freedom to be flexible.  Illinois’ endless amounts of regulations and red tape need to be scaled back to reduce property taxes and government needs to provide a better experience for business owners.   

Save Your Grocery Store

Food costs are rising, supplies are shrinking and our local grocery stores are closing. We need to do everything we can to make sure we maintain access to fresh food in Illinois at an affordable price. 

Make Life Affordable Again

Inflation is out of control, and government is making record profits because of it. Let’s make it affordable to live again by cutting taxes on everything we buy, from cars to food, to keep money in your pocket and out of the government’s. 

Get Involved

A government works best when it values citizen input.
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