Imagine an Illinois where we have the opportunity to grow and succeed

Growing Jobs and Opportunities for our Families

We’ve seen the stats, people are leaving the state of Illinois in large numbers. Some because of rising taxes and others because of falling job opportunities. This year, the loss of population will cost Illinois at least one congressional seat and millions of federal dollars. This will result in less representation, less money and fewer opportunities for our families.

We want to institute policies that recognize a well-trained workforce equals job growth, protecting the health and well-being of families means greater opportunities for them and allowing job creators to grow means more revenue for the state of Illinois.

Let’s reimagine Illinois together!

Encourage investment across Illinois

When we recognize and use all of the state’s strengths we can create jobs across Illinois. Our available infrastructure combined with sound economic policies can once again make Illinois the leader in job creation.

Caring for families

Ensuring access to affordable quality healthcare strengthens families. Illinois must offer forward-thinking education solutions and flexibility for working parents in caring for children. 

Establish an apprenticeship education program

The foundation of a strong economy starts with its workforce. Illinois needs to be a leader in making sure our workforce has the skills needed to compete in our ever-changing economy.

Eliminate overregulation and mandates

Job creators need a chance to grow and the freedom to be flexible. Illinois’ endless amounts of regulations and red tape need to be scaled back to reduce property taxes and government needs to provide a better experience for business owners.

Have All Voted Who Wish · Reimagine Illinois: Growing Jobs & Opportunities

Hear from lawmakers about Reimagine Illinois legislation

Have All Voted Who Wish · Growing Jobs and Opportunities