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Illinois House Republicans are Fighting for Parents’ Rights

Every parent deserves a say in decisions that affect their children. As a parent, you have a right to be heard and know what your children are being taught in school. We are working to promote education transparency to ensure you are informed and have a choice; funding is going to the classroom – where it belongs – instead of bloated bureaucracy, and every child receives a quality education.  

Parents Bill of Rights

When it comes to your children, you know best. That is why we need to ensure parents have a say in their child’s education and a right to be heard. 

Your Voice, Your Choice

The government doesn’t know best, and when it comes to your child’s curriculum your voice should be heard and your choice should be respected.

Invest in Kids, and our Future

Illinois’ scholarship program gives kids a chance to succeed. We should expand Invest in Kids to help those who need it most and give them an education that helps grow our state’s next generation. 

Cash in Classrooms

Illinois leads the nation in cost for school administration. Let’s cut back on the bloat and bureaucracy, instead getting that money to teachers and the classroom – where it belongs.

Open and Transparent Education

Parents need to know what their kids are learning. School districts should make curriculum, course materials and classroom activities all available online for parents to review.  

Get Involved

A government works best when it values citizen input.
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